892955002006 Regular Silent Feet Black

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892955002006 Regular Silent Feet Black

Silent Feet are the most effective way to improve your living environment by significantly reducing noise and vibration caused by clothes washing machines and dryers. But beyond just reducing washing machine vibration, thanks to the patented materials used in Silent Feet, the vibrations are actually absorbed away so you can live more comfortably. In fact vibrations can be reduced up to 94.7% by using Silent Feet. Comparison tests have shown that Silent Feet anti-vibration pads outperform the next best anti-vibration pads by 60%. The extraordinary visco-elastic properties of Sorbothane even allow us to back Silent Feet with a lifetime warranty. These pads offer the best vibration and noise reduction technology for all washing machines and dryers. Silent Feet even prevent your washing machine from "walking" and are easy to install. Why replace your noisy laundry appliance when you can silence it for a fraction of the cost? Purchase a set of Silent Feet and you can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without the extra cost of purchasing a brand new appliance. That could equal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. And unlike the economy Silent Feet come with a Lifetime Guarantee so you never have to worry about them.

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892955002006 Regular Silent Feet Black
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