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Microwave Oven Repair Parts. We have a tremendous inventory of microwave repair parts and we are in the process of migrating our inventory. Please call us at 877-616-7278 for micowave parts.


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B-EM925AWW-B High Pointe Microwave Oven Trim Kit. This is the trim kit for the 1.0 CF High Pointe microwave for mounting in a cabinet in an RV or Motor Home. This kit is for BLACK microwaves. Does NOT fit over-the-range models.

B-HP-CNTR-Y High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupler. For CONVECTION models only! Fits ECO28BSC ECO28BMR. Has raised edge as seen in photo.


B-HP-CTR-Y High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupler. For non-convection models. Has smooth top. Fits EM925RSL EM925RYS EM925RWW.


B-HP-GLASS-TBL High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Tray. measures 10 1/2" across. FOR EM925 SERIES. Fits these models: ´┐ŻEM925RSL-B EM925RWW-B EM925RCW-B EM925RYS-S


B-HP-GLS-TBL High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Tray. Fits model ECO28BSC. Measures 12 3/8"


B-HP-OTR-GT High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Tray. For OVER THE RANGE MODELS ONLY. FITS MODELS: EC942K9E-S EC942KIW-B EM044K9E-S EM044KIW-B. Measures 13.5 inches across.


B-HP-OTR-VF High Pointe Microwave Oven Grease Filter. For Over-The -Range Model High Pointe Microwaves including EC942KIW. Measures 7 5/8 x 5 Inches.


B-HP-TBL-RING High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Ring. For non-convection models. measures 7 inches across. Fits RSL, RWW, RCW and RYC series microwaves. DOES NOT FIT CONVECTION MODELS.


B-HP-TRN-RING High Pointe Convection Microwave Turntable Ring. Measures 9 inches across. Fits ECO28BSC convection microwaves.

HP-CAP-EM925 Highpointe Microwave Oven Capacitor. .95 MFD. Fits EM925 series.
HP-CONV-GRIL High Pointe Convection Microwave Grill Rack. Fits EC028BMR, EC028KD7.
HP-CTRL-EM925 High Pointe Microwave Control Panel. For EM925 series. Brand new, includes door release button, touch panel and main control ERC.
HP-CVR-EM925 High Pointe Microwave Oven Waveguide Cover. Fits model EM925.
HP-DIODE-EM925 Highpointe Microwave Oven Diode. Fits most High Pointe models.
HP-DS-0499 High Point Microwave Oven Door Switch
HP-EM925-DOOR High Pointe Microwave Oven Door. Complete door assembly includes door hooks and inner and outer glass. For EM925 series only. THIS PART SHOULD ONLY BE INSTALLED BY QUALIFIED APPLIANCE TECHNICIANS.
HP-LGT-BULB High Point Microwave Lamp Assembly
HP-OTR-SHELF High Pointe Convection Microwave Wire Shelf. FIts models: EC942K9E EC942KIW
HP-OTR-TR High Pointe Microwave Turntable Ring. For over the range models only. measures 8.5 inches across. Fits EC942 Series.
HP-OTR-TS High Pointe Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupler. Fits Over The Range Models only. EC942 Series
HP-OTR-WR High Pointe Microwave Round Wire Rack. Fits models EC942K9E EC942KIW
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