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75257 In Sink Erator Cover Control Stopper assembly for 75052, 74052, 74094, 74275, Cover Control and Pro Cover Control Batch Feed Disposals. This is for the Cover Control model series ONLY. This stopper will not fit model 17 or PRO17 batch feed models. This is the MAGNETIC stopper that is used to turn the disposer on and off.


75257A Sears Kenmore Batch Feed Disposal Magnetic Stopper. Fits Kenmore Disposer model 17560560. Replaces 74103A.


76694 In Sink Erator Cover Control Plus Disposal Stopper. NOTE! Fits only the Evolution Cover Control PLUS and Pro Cover Control PLUS models. Please look at photo carefully. Does not fit older style where the stopper is all plastic. This stopper has a metal top as shown in the photo.

99001454 Jenn-Air Dishwasher Upper Rack. Replaces AP4114634, 99002038, 751799, 9-3092, 9-3126, 9-3179, 9-3440, 9-3769, 9-3771, 9-3843, 9-3844, 9-3845, 903092, 903126, 903179, 903440, 903536, 903769, 903771, 903843, 903844, 903845, 903916, 903917, 903918, 903919, 903920, 99001332, 99001472, 99001482, 99001484, 99001507, 99001859, 99002037, 99002124, 99002384, 99002455, AH2099053, EA2099053, PS2099053. Click MORE DETAILS link for specific model coverage.

Insinkerator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposer ·FREE SHIPPING!  1/2 Horsepower Heavy Duty Motor (Quiet Dura-Drive® Induction Motor). · Rugged Galvanized Steel Construction (For Disposer Durability). · Space-Saving Compact Design. · Two-Year In-Home Warranty

BFAK-STPR Viking Batch Feed Disposal Magnetic Stopper. For model using the BFAK batch feed kit. This is the magnetic stopper ONLY.
InSinkErator Bio-Charge Cartridge Replacement fits Septic Disposer and lasts 3 to 4 months with average use. Bio-Charge cartridge equals 4 bottles of other septic treatments. And Bio-Charge contains a citrus scent to help control odors from the sink and drain. There's also a surfactant to help break down soap and grease film that accumulates in drainpipes.

CRD-00 InSinkerator Disposer Power Cord Kit. The Power Cord Kit is easy to install and includes a three-foot UL Listed cord, strain relief clamp, wire connectors and installation instructions. Once installed, disposer plugs directly into a standard wall outlet. This genuine In-Sink-Erator® product meets Underwriter Laboratories Inc. SPT-3 category for insulation thickness and moisture resistance. * 3 foot UL- listed cord * Strain relief clamp * Wire connectors and installation instructions included.

FLG-WH In Sink Erator White Sink Flange 70908A. Genuine in Sink Erator quality. Fits in place of standard In Sink Erator Quick-Lock flanges. FREE SHIPPING!
22 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 9.
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